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The Non-Conformer’s Trilogy

The Non-Conformer’s Trilogy consists of short independent works that are intended to stand alone but should also be read as a series since they have a unifying theme.  Good People, Bad Things, and Vice Versadeals with the age-old question of why God allows bad things to happen to good people and good things to happen to bad people; the sequel, A New Dawn Rises, deals with the struggles that we go through as Christians, and the concluding volume, Becoming a Person of Legacy, suggests an approach to living a life that makes a lasting mark in history.  The consistent thread that is woven throughout the fiber of each book is the biblical principle that a man is what he thinks about in his heart (Proverbs 23:7) and that we have to determine not to be forced into the mold of thinking like everyone else does (Romans 12:2) – hence, the tile: The Non-Conformer’s Trilogy.





Becoming a Person of Legacy
Someone once said that the two most important days of a person’s life are the day he is born and the day he discovers why he was born. Each of us has a divine destiny that God has orchestrated since before we were even born. Unfortunately, most people live their whole lives without actually finding – much less, fulfilling that purpose. In Becoming a Person of Legacy, discover how to make your life leave a lasting impact.

A New Dawn Rises
In A New Dawn Rises, Bible teacher Dr. Delron Shirley examines the accounts of some of the great spiritual struggles in the Bible from Jacob’s all-night wrestling match with an angel to Jesus’ agonizing three hours in the Garden of Gethsemane. The conclusions that he draws from these stories can change the way that you view life and all the challenges it may bring your way.

Good People, Bad Things, and Vice Versa
One of the most difficult questions that has challenged ordinary men and the world’s greatest thinkers and philosophers throughout the ages has been, “Why do bad things happen to good people and why do good things happen to bad people?” The answer to this conundrum lies in simply reprograming the way we think about inequity and the divine order of things. Join Bible teacher Dr. Delron Shirley as he explores the biblical truths that will help unravel this mystery.