Women For The Harvest, by Peggy Shirley


“God’s secret weapon”–that’s how many people are coming to realize that we, as women are in the world of ministry.  One example is, Dr. Yonggi Cho, who has the second largest church in the world.  He has been quoted as saying, “Women are the greatest evangelistic tools.  Some day the church will catch on.”  In this volume, author Peggy Shirley does an in-depth study into the history of why women have been forbidden from taking their God-given place in the church and explores the powerful biblical and historical examples of what happens when women are allowed to use the giftings which God has placed inside them.

A revealing study of the scriptures which have long been used to block women from service, coupled with a motivational study on how to break free from the bondages which have held women back and a wealth of practical suggestions and advice — this book is guaranteed to release you to become a true laborer in God’s end-time harvest.



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