Even though we have not been able to physically jump on. Plane and fly around the world, Teach All Nations has been actively involved in continuing our outreaches in every corner of the globe. We’d like to share just a few examples of the different ways we were able to minister in many varied ways in a number of different countries just this past month.

When we got word from the missionaries we work within the Dominican Republic that they were out of literature to continue their outreaches in the country, we quickly responded by sending funds to have a new supply printed in the country. In the same conversation, we learned that they had experienced termite damage in their home and that they were out of resources to continue feeding the desperate people in their community. Of course, we also responded to those needs as well.

The pastor we work within Sri Lanka shared with us that many of the children in his community need new shoes so they could return to school for the spring session. Because of the generosity of our Teach All Nations partners, we were able to send support so that he could buy the needed footwear for these children – many of whom are Hindus and Buddhists. Because they have experienced this act of love from the Christian church, many are wanting to attend the Sunday school.

When the pastor who is building a church in the ninety-eight-percent-Muslim community in Niger ran out of funds to continue the construction, we were able to step in and buy the supplies and pay the workers to finish the walls. Now, he is believing God for the resources to put on the roof, followed by furnishing and sound equipment.

Of course, we are continuing to minister in Myanmar over weekly ZOOM meetings and food distributions. In addition, we are now leading weekly online Bible studies for a congregation in Malaysia.