We normally reserve our monthly newsletter for exactly that – sharing the news of what is happening in our ministry. However, inspired by the recent State of the Union Address, we’d like to use this newsletter to share the state of the ministry.

Through the years that international travel was shut down due to COVID, we continued to pray for the Lord to again open the doors of the nations to us. Peggy felt that His answer was that, not only would He open the old doors to nations where we had already been working, but He would also open new doors to regions we had not visited previously. This is exactly what has happened; we have suddenly received exciting new opportunities of ministry in many parts of the world – including Muslim nations!

However, with new opportunities, come new challenges. First is inflation. While we in America “feel the pinch” with higher prices in the supermarket and at the gas pump, the rest of the world is experiencing skyrocketing prices while supplies of all essential items are taking a nosedive. As a result, the cost of our conferences – where we cover all the expenses including feeding the delegates and giving them free teaching materials – has escalated. This, along with higher international airfares, has seriously stretched our budgets. In fact, the budget for the first quarter of 2023 is forty percent above our average quarterly income in 2022.

The Bible college where we usually lead several mission teams each year has decided to utilize more of its staff in leading these teams, giving us more free time to focus on our own mission work. However, being free to do more mission trips means that we have to pay for these extra missions out of our ministry’s budget.

In his book, Interface, Delron writes about the relationship of the open windows of God’s provision – both financial and spiritual – with the open doors that He gives us. We have all read that Malachi linked the opening of heaven’s windows to bringing our tithes and offerings into the storehouse so that there is sufficiency for all in need. Teach All Nations has done that – and more – in that we used our total income during the pandemic to provide for our ministry partners around the world who were suffering because of the lockdowns. Now, we are believing that heaven’s windows are opening to provide for us to go with all sufficiency through each door the Lord has opened.

We thank you for all your support for our ministry through prayer and helping fund our missions. Please ask God if you might be part of His open window through your one-time gifts monthly partnership.