Articles and book excerpts from the teachings and mission adventures of Dr. Delron Shirley.  Each article is always timely and thought-provoking as it uncovers insights into walking with God.

April 2022 Meditation – Cornerstone #4, Faith

Redefining Faith There was desperation in his voice as he addressed me, “Brother Delron, I can’t believe in the faith movement any more!”  From there he launched into an extensive monologue about the “word and faith” doctrine, citing one problem after another that he...

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Meditation August 2021 – The WORD Principle

A clever little acrostic to help understand the proper attitude we must have toward the Word of God spells out “word”: the letter “W” represents worshipfully – read the Word with reverence.  “O” stands for orderly – read systematically.  “R” means regularly – read it...

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Meditation July 2021 – Getting Started

When asked where to start, the obvious answer is, “At the beginning.” By that, I’m not meaning to simply open the Bible to the first page and start with, “In the beginning…” Rather, I’m speaking of the most basic need to any Bible study – a Bible. With approximately...

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Meditation June 2021 – Warning

The lessons in this series may be a bit painful at first because they may force you to challenge some of the ideas and “truths” that you presently hold dear.  Let me encourage you to enter this study with an open mind – and, more importantly – an open heart so that...

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