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Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. Ps 2:8

Dr. Delron & Peggy Shirley

Welcome to Teach All Nations Mission

Teach All Nations Mission (TAN) is a global evangelical educational ministry birthed from the teaching ministries of Delron and Peggy Shirley.  The name Teach All Nations Mission was chosen to carefully indicate exactly what the heart of Delron and Peggy’s mission is.

TAN’s commitment is to establish a solid foundation in the national pastors and leaders so that they can help enrich the people. The vision is Christian teaching materials (in English and the local languages) in printed form and on audio and video, providing scholarships to Christian colleges and Bible schools for promising students, assisting in establishing and building of Bible schools, and broadcasting via the internet, radio, and television.

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From the mid-1970s through the late-1990s, the American Express company promoted their travelers’ checks with the slogan, “Don’t leave home without them” – making it the most successful advertising campaign in commercial history. When the bulk of financial transactions shifted from cash to credit cards, it was a simple fix to substitute “it” for “them” – continuing the effective marketing tool.  However cutting-edge this approach might have seemed at the time, it was actually almost two millennia behind the times. It was Jesus who originated the slogan when He told His disciples that they should not go out into the world to represent Him until they waited in Jerusalem to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit, “Behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high” (Luke 24:49) – essentially “Don’t leave home without it”!

In this little study on the person, power, and promise of the Holy Spirit, Bible teacher Delron Shirley explores some of the vital provisions available to believers today – an expose into why Jesus tells us not to leave home without the fullness of the Holy Spirit.


As you read So Send I You, you’ll find the words “I,” “me,” and “my” a lot more times than I personally am comfortable with.  Yes, So Send I You is my story, but it could – and should – also be your story.  The only reason that I have talked about myself is with the hope that you can also see yourself – or, at least, the self you have always dreamt of being – reflected in at least some of the stories I’ve shared.  In this book, you will read how God uniquely called, methodically positioned, and strategically sent me into the lives of so many all around the world.  Such selection, grooming, and commissioning is not the privilege of a select few.  It’s God’s plan for all His children – including you.

 God has a very simple strategy for changing the world, and it can be spelled out with just three little letters: Y O U.  My prayer is that these simple narratives will inspire you to present yourself to be the next one that Jesus sends to do His work in the world! 

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Monthly Meditations

Articles and book excerpts from the teachings and mission adventures of Dr. Delron Shirley.  Each article is always timely and thought-provoking as it uncovers insights into walking with God.

Monthly Mission Reports

Monthly mission reports featuring the work and ministry of Teach All Nations Mission and Dr. Delron & Peggy Shirley.  Read what God is doing around the globe as the Word of God is taught to the people.

Daily Ditties

I grew up with the Carolina colloquialism of a ditty being any short, pithy saying or writing.  There is one for each day of your life. As you read them, I hope they are interesting and inspiring.

Monthly Mission Report October 2020

When It Rains, It Pours

The expression, “When it rains, it pours,” usually refers to bad news – that when one bad thing happens, it is followed by several other problems.  That understanding could certainly apply to the COVID pandemic that has been so devastating around the world.  While we here in America fretted over the initial shortage of toilet paper and the inconvenience of having to wear masks in public, the rest of the world – where there are no stimulus checks and unemployment benefits – was literally staving to death because of the lockdowns that have been imposed.  We heard from our “boots on the ground” in Nepal that fifteen hundred people had committed suicide – opting for a quick death rather than the slow, agonizing death due to starvation.  Our contact in one African country shared with us that, before they had heard about the need in one of the families they work with, the entire family of five had starved to death.  In response to the great needs of the ministries we work with around the world, Teach All Nations has reallocated the funds that we usually spend on airfare and conference expenses to help feed believers in a dozen different nations – Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Honduras, the Congo, Liberia, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Uganda, Nepal, Niger, and even here in the US – who are living without income for their daily sustenance.  The resources were used to feed hundreds of families plus children in orphanages and residents in rehabilitation centers.  We have received many reports that when the workers brought food to the homes, they were greeted with joyful celebration because the families had totally run out of anything to eat.  On one occasion, we accidentally called one of our friends while attempting to dial our contact in a totally different part of the world.  In the conversation on that “accidental” call, we learned that he had just finished distributing the food that we had helped supply, but the need in his community was still great; so, we immediately send him funds to restock his warehouse.

Monthly Meditation October 2020


Jeroboam proved himself to be an industrious young man and a mighty man of valor in the courts of Solomon; therefore, the king elevated him to a position of authority in the nation – not knowing that he would eventually rise up against the royal family. However, this threat was dramatically foretold when the prophet Ahijah the Shilonite approached Jeroboam outside Jerusalem and – grabbing his brand new tunic – began to rip it into shreds. Handing Jeroboam ten of the twelve pieces of his former vestment, the prophet proclaimed that God intended to rip the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon and take ten of the twelve tribes to make a separate nation under Jeroboam’s leadership. The prophet went on to say that, for the sake of His covenant with David and His prophetic determination concerning Jerusalem, God would preserve the city and two tribes under the leadership of the Davidic house. Once Solomon got wind that a subversion might be in the works, Jeroboam was forced to flee into Egypt until the monarch’s death. At that point, he returned to Jerusalem to confront the heir to the throne. The scripture does not make it clear as to what Jeroboam’s motives were, but his tactic was to approach Rehoboam with a tax-relief proposal. It is possible that Jeroboam could have had totally altruistic motives in suggesting a way for the new king to gain favor with the people and, therefore, preserve unity in the kingdom. However, in that he already had a prophetic word concerning the demise of the national unity, it is likely that Jeroboam had the ulterior motive of forcing the new sovereign’s hand so that he could make his own move toward taking the part of the kingdom that had been promised to him. Regardless of the motive, the end result was exactly what we could have anticipated – Rehoboam refused to lessen taxes and actually increased them, forcing the tribes that were away from Jerusalem to rebel while the people in the vicinity of the capital (where all the tax money was going) reaffirmed their loyalty to the Davidic house. The whole scenario flung the door fully open for Jeroboam to walk in and take the reins of the ten northern tribes – fulfilling the words of the prophet!