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Teach All Nations Mission


Articles and book excerpts from the teachings and mission adventures of Dr. Delron Shirley.  Each article is always timely and thought-provoking as it uncovers insights into walking with God.

Meditation October 2019 – Parenting

Although King David left an indelible impact on all of human destiny, we can see that he essentially “missed the boat” in one specific area of influence where he should have focused his attention.  In this one arena of life — his parenting skills, well actually,...

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Meditation July 2019 – Capturing Jerusalem

Until David took the city of Jerusalem, it had never been captured. When Joshua came into the Promised Land, he defeated the king of Jerusalem, but the city itself was never taken. (Joshua 10:23-24, 15:63) The Jebusites boasted that Jerusalem was so secure that its...

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Meditation June 2019 – Relationships

As we’ve already learned, David’s influence changed the lives and destinies of not only his own immediate acquaintances but also left an enduring effect on generations to come.  Let’s take a closer look at the circles of influence he demonstrated. The first area of...

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Meditation May 2019 – Fighting Goliath

It was this uniquely God-oriented heart that first got David “on the map” when he took the field against the Philistine giant Goliath. For King Saul to be willing to put his whole nation at jeopardy in the hands of a little boy who had shown up from nowhere was an...

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Meditation April 2019 – A Perfect Heart

Let’s fast forward several generations to get a remarkable picture of how this heart quality in David continued to affect the course of history long after he had passed on to his eternal reward. His eyes glaring and nostrils bulging, the messenger screamed out his...

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Meditation August 2018 – Have a Heart

We have learned that David’s key and the key we need to open the door for us to reach our world is to have a perfect heart. Of course, we’ve all heard the expression, “Have a heart,” but today let’s consider exactly what that means. To get started, let’s take a short...

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Meditation June 2018 – COLOSSAL COLOSSIANS

The Colossus of Rhodes towered more than one hundred feet tall above the harbor of the Greek island of Rhodes, making it one of the tallest statues of the ancient world. This gigantic statue of the Greek god Helios was erected about three hundred years before the...

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Meditation May 2018 – Awake

When the little boy’s mom put her finger to her lips and blew out a little “shh” to remind him to be quiet in church, the lad looked quizzically back at his mother and whispered, “How come do we have to be quiet in church?  Are there people trying to sleep?”  Yes,...

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